BhojMandu Calls Out Scammer With a Facebook Post

BhojMandu is one of the most famous and popular food delivery services in Nepal. There is barely just anyone who does not know or has heard of this delivery service. Bhojmandu had to deal with a scammer a few days ago and the owner made sure to call out the scammer via his Facebook page.

It is quite obvious that when a person reaches a point in his life, there are many people trying to pull him down from his success. The same seems to be the situation in this scenario as well.

About BhojMandu

BhojMandu is one of the top food delivery companies in Nepal. It has franchises in many places all over Nepal including Kathmandu, Birgunj, and Kalaiya. People have been very impressed with the service that the company has been providing. The company was founded by Sunil Yadav who took the initiative to make his company known among all of the Nepalese population and worked with the idea.

The company, needless to say, is a work of success, with 100+ restaurant members and more than 2550+ listed food items.

What Exactly Happened in BhojMandu?

BhojMandu was running smoothly until the page got flooded with negative reviews and unnecessary comments. It was quite surprising for the owners because everything happened overnight. There really weren’t as many negative reviews, to begin with. This made everyone suspicious of what exactly may have happened.

But, it really wasn’t as hard to determine that all the negative reviews and comments were coming from a place of hatred and insecurity. Sunil Yadav, the CEO, and Founder of BhojMandu shared some screenshots of the incident with everyone on his Facebook. It is evident that someone had been paid to do commit such an act.

Moreover, what proves the assumption right is the fact that all the negative comments and reviews came from anonymous accounts with no proper name or profile picture. This explained it all. The names were mostly weird and hard to identify as a person like Night Owl, Mellow, Nepal Games, etc.

Sunil Yadav’s Response

Yadav quoted, “If someone has enmity with me, contact me, or if they have enmity with my company, they will see it by providing service and it will be fun, why nothing happens by giving fake reviews like this thief. Please understand that no matter what you do to Bhojmandu, nothing will happen. This is my warning post, otherwise, my turn will come after this. We stop digitizing everything if we start”.

In the same way, many news portals have been actively covering the story and Sunil seems to be glad that they are. News stories and an active presence of the story in tabloids have helped the CEO to garner attention from his customers and everyone who knows about his company. Besides this, the active and high coverage of the story has surely lent him a good amount of help in looking for the culprit.

Though it has still not been proven who was the person, or even the people behind this, at least customers and people are aware of the scammer. Additionally, it happened to be so that the hate comments and reviews were mostly coming from 8 anonymous profiles.

How Should Brands and Companies Practice Healthy Competition?

Many brands and companies are yet to practice healthy competition. Though Bhojmandu’s case really does not justify this as we still don’t know who the culprit is, there has been a fair deal of toxicity here.

But there are many cases and times when people have mocked another brand while keeping everything model. The Fintech industry in Nepal justifies how exactly one should conduct as a company whilst mocking another brand yet remaining decent.

Mockery and Memes

Mockery and memes between brands are very popular. It is all about being satirical and sarcastic while also remaining respectful towards oneself and the other brand. Pathao Foods and Bhojmandu have already been mocking one another with memes. This, however, has not, in any way, harmed the image of either of the brands.

The thing with memes is that it increases engagement among people on the internet. People like gossip and a little bit of controversy here and there. So, they have always been into mockery and memes between brands.

Pathao Foods in their famous meme quoted, “Bhoj garna deal nai chahincha ra?”, followed by a hashtag “Pathaogarabro”.

BhojDeals did not shy away from the opportunity to be sarcastic in return. As a reply, came a meme where the company replied with a meme that quoted, “Moj garna ta Bhoj nai chahincha”.


BhojMandu is surely getting a lot of attention in the past few days mostly because of what happened. The CEO made sure to be aware of every other brand that might be prone to facing a similar situation. However, everyone, whether or not they are a brand or an individual looking for competition, must be aware of fairness in business and moral values and ethics.

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