Broadcast From Chromebook to A Speaker

For anyone who uses a Chromebook, it may be a thing of confusing to just broadcast content to a speaker. Well, to be fair and honest with you, it really isn’t rocket science you may think it is. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about broadcasting from Chromebook to speakers and more.

Broadcasting a voicemail or any message from a Chromebook to speakers can be quite convenient if you are looking not to disturb anyone when you are on it. There are a few things that you need to remember before using a Chromebook though. Make sure you read till the end of this article.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are a lot like laptops except that they aren’t really what you would call “a usual laptop”. This gadget is much cheaper than most other laptops available in the market. In Nepal, you can find Chromebooks for around Rs. 30 thousand. Likewise, one thing that makes Chromebooks stand out is that they use Chrome OS while most other laptops use Windows and Mac OS.

While many people are still debating on whether or not a Chromebook is worth purchasing, many people think that it is pretty useless given that you don’t get as impressive of either the hardware or the software as compared to most other laptops. But, if your work is not complex, you are more than likely to make use of a Chromebook.

Things To Remember Before You Begin

Mind you, you need to remember a few things before you get started with broadcasting. Firstly, make sure that your Chrome is up to date. Then, pin the Cast button to your Chrome toolbar. You cannot do this without a solid Wi-Fi connection. And, a speaker or a display is a must-have to display and play your texts and voice messages.

Steps to Follow While Broadcasting From Chrome to Speakers

You can follow the steps below to proceed:

Get Started with Google Assistant

chromebook speakers

You can find a key in the device which will take you to Google Assistant. When you find the Assistant key, just hit the button and you will be taken to the Google Assistant page in no time.

Enter Your Voice or A Text

As we mentioned before, the process is very simple. You just have to enter either your voice or a text message from the Assitant button with the keyboard. You can choose from either of the two options by clicking on the mic button or the keyboard button.

If you need to deliver messages more quietly without disturbing anyone around you, it is suggested that you use the text button. But, if you want some quick action, just speak something through the speaker button and you’re good to go!

Broadcast the Message Anywhere You Want

You can broadcast the message just anywhere you want given that the room has a speaker setup. Google Assitant comes in handy in this case. While you can still use your smartphone or even your smartwatch to do this thing, Google Chromebook surely comes to work when you’re in a rush and want to transmit minor information to someone.

chromebook speakers

Likewise, you can assign Google Assistant to carry the message to either the whole house, the kitchen, the office, or select rooms collectively. After you have sent the message, it will automatically play on the speakers.

Use Voice Commands to Control Audio Playing in Chrome

You can use voice commands in order to control the audio in Chrome. In the Chromebook, you can stop the audio from playing or lower and increase the voice in speakers as per your choice.

This can easily be done with the help of shortcut keys. If you want to stop the audio or control the audio volume, follow the steps below:

  1. Say “Ok Google” in your Google Assistant.
  2. If you want to stop the Chrome content, just say “Stop”.
  3. Likewise, if you want to lower or increase the volume of the Chrome content, say “Turn it up or down” or “Max volume”.


If we have to be honest here, most of us don’t really use Google Assistant for many things besides just listening to music or doing something routine yet small. Broadcasting to speakers may seem like a new concept for someone who uses a Chromebook or even just Google Assistant. But, this really does not mean it is inconvenient to use. If you are running late for running errands, for work, or just want to give a small piece of information to your friends and family on the go, Google Assistant and Broadcasting feature will be your savior. Also, the aforementioned steps are very easy to follow and anyone with a little knowledge of computers can easily use them.

Though not very multifaceted, Chromebook and Google Assistant will, to some extent, help you if you are a busy person.

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