Everything you need to know about applying police report online in Nepal

Applying a police clearance report can seem like a very time-consuming task. And, many people are not willing to sign up for all the heftiness. But, you can now apply police report online in Nepal now.

In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about applying police report online in Nepal.

What is Police Clearance Report?

Anyone who is abroad or is willing to go abroad is likely to be familiar with this subject. A police Clearance Report is a report that summarizes the history of a person to prove his innocence against any kind of crime. Tell you what, it is not just people going abroad who may need this document.

Besides, this document is issued to the people by the official government bodies themselves. And, there must be proper verified proof that the document has been officially verified before presenting it for any procedure inside the country or before applying abroad. The report must include arrests, convictions, and possibly relevant criminal proceedings from the past or recent past of the applicant.

Even if you want to work and stay in the country itself, you may need a police clearance report depending on your employer’s demand. Either way, a police clearance report is an extremely important document that you will be needing in almost every field of your career.

Why do you need a Police Report Verification?

You need a police report verification in order to display your criminal record history. This is mostly required for foreign procedures. Anyone planning to go abroad may not be able to do so unless he or she presents a proper document of his or her past criminal record.

Additionally, the document also contains your passport number, date of birth, residence details, etc.

The procedure for the application of a police report may vary regarding whether you are a Nepali citizen or not.

No, you don’t necessarily have to visit the related offices if you want to get your police report. Although it was mandatory to make a visit to do so, a few changes have been made to this after the global pandemic in 2020.

It was The Department of Consular Services that brought forth a provision to create a police report online. The provision has been made applicable since September 2021.

How long is Police Report valid in Nepal?

A police report will be valid only for a year in Nepal. Moreover, if the applicant is over the age of 16 and has not applied for a police report just yet, it is advised that he or she visit the police authorities at the place he or she resides for the police report.

Likewise, if you need a police report again, you need to follow the same procedure and get a new one after a year of making the former one.

How can you apply for Police Clearance Report or Police Report Online in Nepal?

You can apply for Police Clearance Report or Police Report online in Nepal with the help of the following steps:

  1. Go to https://opcr.nepalpolice.gov.np/
police report online Nepal

2. You will find a Register button. Click on it. It will take you to an options page. Select your option.

police report online Nepal

3. Fill in your primary personal details including Captcha verification. Click on Register.

police report online Nepal

4. Check your email for the password Nepal Police (OPCR) will send you. Change your password.

5. You will find a 5-step form. Fill it all with honest details.

6. Upload all the necessary documents. You will also be needing a formal passport-sized photo.

7. Fill in the stamp with consideration to page 3. This is a crucial step while issuing your password. This might even lead to rejection in your Police report.

8. In case you have been a part of any criminal history, mention it/them with clarity.

9. Be sure to check everything you have provided thoroughly. Click on Confirm.

What are the documents you will need in making a Police Clearance Report?

You will be needing your Citizenship Card, Passport, Page with Immigration Stamp, and seal on the password, a passport-sized photo, contact number, and your e-mail ID.

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How long should you wait to get your Police Clearance Report?

You have to wait from 5 to 7 days from the time you have filled out the Police Clearance Report online. Furthermore, you will be given the option to track the entire process.

If by any chance your Police Clearance Report includes any mistakes or lack of clarity, the status will be displayed as “Rejected”. In the same way, you will be shown “Processing” if the document has not been rejected.

How do you know if your Police Clearance Report is Complete?

Don’t worry. You will be notified through your tracking when your report is done getting verified and is complete. A “Completed” status will clear your doubts for you.

And, you can get a link through which you can easily download your Police Clearance Report.


You cannot proceed to go abroad if you have not made a Police Clearance Report (CPR) or police report. You still have the option to visit the nearest related office in case you are confused by the procedure online. In the same way, if you are going abroad, this document is as compulsory as your passport.

Also, it is not just people flying abroad that might require this type of document. Some employers in Nepal will also demand this document or report considering the policies of the company. And, it is your responsibility to keep up the mark as per the necessity if you want to bag the job or the opportunity.

As a responsible citizen, you are required to provide a clear and honest history and record of your crimes if any. Likewise, the rejection or approval of the police report is completely related to the government policies as the Nepal police and the government authorities will not be letting just anyone get access to the report. Furthermore, there are a few obligations that we have mentioned above that should be taken care of when you are trying to get your hands on police reports.

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