Everything You Need to Know About eSewa

In this article, you will get to learn about every possible thing you may need to know about eSewa. eSewa is Nepal’s leading mobile transaction app that helps you make transactions with just a click no matter where you are.

Mobile money transfers have really given people a lot of convenience in what they do on a day-to-day basis. You will surely not have to worry about forgetting your wallet at home when you enter a cafe or a restaurant anymore! You always bring your phone along everywhere, and eSewa will do the problem-solving for you in such situations.

What is eSewa?

Biswas Dhakal, the founder of eSewa, had a visionary plan in mind when he was working to create the app. Needless to say, the app has really served the purposes that it was meant to in the first place. The app has all the features that you need in your digital wallet. Digitalization has really taken a fast pace, and all you need in this fast-paced world is a solution for your equally modern and fast-paced problems.

Though there are many apps that will work in the same way for you, you can eSewa transaction options just about anywhere in Nepal. From a small tea stall to a big fashion store, eSewa transactions work for all. The app works as a digital wallet. You can buy tickets for your favorite concert, pay utility bills, your children’s school, and college fees, buy whatever you want, and even pay for airline tickets, top-ups, etc. with just a few clicks here and there.

eSewa has really worked for the best interest and convenience of the Nepalese people.

How Can You Update Your eSewa?

Many people who use eSewa may be getting a notification every time they use the app. Don’t worry, the notification is for you to update your app. This mobile banking app has not made its updates complicated at all.

Go to  Play StoreApp Store on your device. Then search for eSewa. When you go to the app, you will automatically find the upgraded bottom on the top itself. Just click on the button and wait till it is updated.

Why Choose eSewa?


Besides just being a digitized form of a wallet, the app has a lot more to offer! We have listed everything that will give you a reason why you must choose the app as your transaction partner:

Notifications for offers

With their latest update, eSewa has brought a way for their customers to get notified about each and every offer that they have. There is a bell-like button that will show you all the possible future offers so that you can best derive the maximum benefit.

What else? If your notification for the app is on, you won’t have to keep opening the app, you will automatically get notified from your screen itself. Likewise, you can turn the notification off by going to your settings.

Bank Withdrawal Made More Convenient

The makers of this app have been calling this app a mobile banking app for a reason. You can easily get the best banking services directly from the app. This will not only provide convenience but also save you a lot of time. After all, eSewa was built to decrease the hassles of everyday life.

Moreover, you can also get the banking facilities free of cost. To add your bank account and enjoy this feature, go to the eSewa app.

Scan to Pay

Save time and scan to pay. You can easily make payments without even having to go through a lot of processes. Simply click on the scan option, then go ahead and scan in the scanner of the person or the place that you are supposed to pay for!

Beware of eSewa Scammers!

With the increase in active users, the number of scammers has also increased. Scammers call users of the app by searching for their information and asking them for OTP so that they can retrieve the money from the user’s accounts to theirs. Do not fall for this!

You need to remember the things below before you use eSewa:

  • eSewa will never ask for your OTP number.
  • Never share your OTP with anyone.
  • If you ever get a call from an unknown number for your eSewa, ignore the call or block the number. The calls can be very frequent.
  • Delete your OTP as soon as you are done using it.
  • Frequently change your passwords.
  • In case there are any doubts, call the eSewa helpline at their toll-free number: 1660-01-02121 or Viber at +9771234512345.


eSewa has been used very actively nowadays. Throughout the years of awareness and increment in the use of the app, people have literally switched from physical wallets to digital wallets. It is about time that everyone sees the convenience in such digital wallets and makes use of all the benefits accordingly. The best part about this particular app is that you get to use it free of cost!

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