Favorite picks of Chrome extensions in 2022

As the year is coming to a close, Google has announced some of its favorite Chrome extensions from the year 2022. In this article, we have listed a bunch of extensions that Google picked which are extremely helpful and creative.

Google revealed the announcement on its official website on the basis of four major categories that include focus, gaming and viewing, learning, and productivity. These are the extensions that users can customize as per their necessity in their PCs without a hassle.

You can learn more about the following chrome extensions in this article!

  • Focus Category
  1. Workona Tab Manager
  2. CrXMouse Chrome Gestures
  • Productivity Category
  1. Tango
  2. Swift
  3. Liner
  4. Compose AI
  5. Visbug
  6. Check US Visa Slots
  • Gaming and Viewing Category
  1. RoPro
  2. eJoy
  • Learning Category
  1. Equatio
  2. MyBib: Free Citation Generator

Focus Category

This category consists of the chrome extension that will help people in keeping a good focus on their work while the environment remains hectic.

Workona Tab Manager

If you are a workaholic and want to excel in multitasking, Workona Tab Manager is the perfect Chrome extension for you. This helps its users manage all the tasks with multiple open tabs in the background.

Moreover, this extension is perfect if you want to feel organized while working with multiple tabs and projects at the same time. And, your work time will definitely come to decrease with the help of Workona.

CrXMouse Chrome Gestures

CrXMouse Chrome Gestures takes the cake for its sped-up mouse performance. On top of this, this Chrome is likely to benefit you if you work as an editor. This is perfect for navigation of the mouse’s shortcut.

Needless to say, your activity and productivity will boost in no time with the help of this chrome extension. You get the best of both worlds as CrXMouse Chrome Gestures is accessible free of cost.

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Productivity Category

This category consists of all the chrome extensions that help users in giving productive results of their activity on the web.


Tango is perfect for anyone who wants to get guidance on their activity on the web browser. This extension is very smart and will give you an insight into how to carry on with your activities by documenting screenshots and written instructions of them all.

Furthermore, Tango is totally safe to add to your Chrome because it is SO2 compliant which makes it relevant to the highest standard of data protection and security on the web.


Swift is one of the wisest favorite chrome extensions from Google for readers. If you are someone who wants to read without taking a lot of time, then this is the extension you immediately need to add to your Chrome.

Likewise, it helps you boost your reading capacity up to 3 times by rendering the words in a digestible and readable format.


Liner helps users enhance their reading speed while also increasing the productivity of their work. You can easily bookmark and highlight words with an impressive amount of ease when you are using this Google favorite chrome extension.

Liner highlights all the necessary details on the web including Youtube videos, any text from the web, or even a virtual picture. Likewise, you can absorb whatever is necessary and focus on the details at the same time.

Compose AI

Compose AI is a very smart and diligent app that learns your writing style. This chrome extension helps you in typing faster whether you are writing an email, a formal letter, or just about anything.

You also get to customize the features on Compose AI. Plus, you can use the extension free of cost. This AI extension specializes in Auto-completion if you are looking for a quick solution while typing.


This extension was created back in 2018. However, the hype remains the same with Visbug‘s capability to give designers what they never thought would be possible.

If you are a designer or an editor, you can easily benefit from this extension by editing, resizing the pictures, and making changes in images as if it’s a real artboard. Similarly, you can also delete ads from pages with the help of Visbug.

Check US Visa Slots

Logging into CGI portals has become so much easier than it was before with Check US Visa Slots. This extension helps people from India to check the availability of US visa slots. There were a lot of issues among people who got locked out of the portals when the system assumed users were bots.

However, Check US Visa Slots have made it much easier for them to log into the system effortlessly.

Gaming and Viewing Category

Google has picked some of its favorite chrome extensions in this category for gamers.


RoPro is the top pick in this category among the favorite chrome extension from Google. There has been an increase in the number of Roblox players all over the world in 2022. This chrome extension helps in enhancing the gaming experience for all Roblox players.

You can get a built-in Avatar Sandbox, multiple customizable options, an option to join random servers, and a bunch of other features. This chrome extension has proven to become a dream come true for avid Roblox players.


eJoy helps you in learning English while enjoying your favorite movies, series, and whatnot. The chrome extension is valid on many platforms like Netflix, Youtube, Ted, Coursera, Udemy, and more.

The extension provides dual subtitles option through which a multilingual person can easily learn English with ease without even taking a language course. Talk about flexibility and convenience!

Learning Category

The learning category specializes in providing the best user interface for students. Learning has become much easier and more interesting with the help of these chrome extensions.


Equatio makes learning maths easier for both teachers and students. You need not spend time on equations when you have a digital solution for them. You can get predicted formulas, give equations, convert students’ responses as quizzes and guess what you are typing or writing.

This is one of the best picks for students among all the other Google favorite chrome extensions.

MyBib: Free Citation Generator

With the help of MyBib: Free Citation Generator, you can easily get citations from MLA, APA, and Harvard referencing styles. You can easily copy the exact result on your academic notes. And, it works perfectly in browsing many web pages including PDFs.

Additionally, MyBib is free to use and is completely free of ads. So, what better way to learn and research for your academics than MyBib?


Google has made perfect choices in choosing its favorite chrome extensions this year. The aforementioned extensions are all useful and most of them are free of cost as well. While many people are yet to discover these apps, Google has made it easier for them to find out about these smart and creative extensions through its list. Needless to say, 2022 became much more convenient for everyone who benefitted from these chrome extensions while working and learning better

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