Android 13 All New Features and Advantages.

Android 13 is the newest version of OS that has been recently launched all over the world. The OS is also called Tiramisu(codename) after a dessert that many with a sweet tooth are likely to appreciate.

The latest version of this OS was launched back in August 2022. However, it definitely took a while for it to launch all over the world. If you have a new phone or using a fairly new phone, you are likely to get this update on your phone. But, there isn’t much to say about phones that are not as new because your phone won’t get an update in such cases.

In this article, we will be discussing all the reasons why the Android 13 has the most remarkable features and the release dates of the OS.

Google’s Android 13

This is the latest version of Android software all around the world. You cannot expect a revolutionary change in this OS compared to the last version of Android 12.

But, Android 13 does not fail to impress us in any way possible. You will be able to see some changes in your phone after you get the latest update. In some cases, you will also have to upgrade some of the apps on your phone to get improved performance.

Android 13 has set an excellent foundation for all android mobile users. The user interface of this latest OS makes it all the better than its previous counterparts.

Other than this, you will also be getting a per-app language option which is quite similar to iOS’s multilingual feature.

When was Android 13 Released?

Android 13 was released on August 15, 2022. Likewise, brands like Samsung recently updated this OS for models like Galaxy A52, A52s, and M62 on October 25th, 2022. Many latest phone models from various brands using Android OS got the update much earlier though.

The Android update was a little too late for other brands as well. These brands include Asus, HMD (Nokia phones), iQOO, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, Vivo, and Xiaomi.

Android 13 Advantage

Android 13 is truly a fantastic device when it comes to showing an impressive range of performance. You will get a wide range of advantages from Android 13. Some of the major features of the latest OS from Android that stand out the most are:

  • Optimizations for the system UI
  • Improvement in multitasking
  • Better compatibility modes
  • Update in media controls (From MediaStyle notifications to PlaybackState actions)
  • Desktop Mode and Partial screen sharing are also available
  • Updated per-app language options
  • Improved speed

How to upgrade to Android 13?

If you want to upgrade to this OS, you should follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Click on System Update from System.
  • Tap on the “Check for Update” option.

Why should you upgrade to Android 13?

You should upgrade to Android 13 for many reasons some of which are:

Improved Level of Privacy

Android 13 ensures that your privacy is maintained better than ever. You will be asked for permission before there is access to any of your photos, media, etc. Likewise, you can select which photos and information on your phone can get access.

In the same way, when you connect to nearby wifi, your phone will not be granted location tracking permission like it did in the older OS versions. Besides this, you can also view all the apps that have had access to your phone’s camera, microphone, location, and other permissions for the past 7 days.

Lesser Notifications

While most apps did not need permission before sending notifications, things have changed quite a bit with the latest OS upgrade. You really won’t be bothered with unnecessary notifications from random apps unless you permit to.

Wide Range of Options for Customization

You will be provided with a good amount of customization in Android 13. Also, you will be given over 16 different themes to choose from. If you are an aesthete, you will surely appreciate this option.

Improved Copy and Paste

Your clipboard history will be cleared after you copy and paste something. This ensures a better level of privacy for the user.

Likewise, when you copy something in this OS, a small panel pops up. From this panel, it becomes easier to edit your texts and links. In the same way, you will also be spared the hassle of sending an email to yourself.

Faster QR Code Scanner

With Android 13, you get a better and faster QR Code Scanner. Click on your Notification option, then go to Edit and select the Quick Settings tile. Then after, you can drag the QR code scanner to your panel.


Android 13 supports better gaming performance, speed, and a great user interface. Though you cannot expect a lot of change in your device when you upgrade to the latest version of Android OS, you will still find improvement in the overall functioning of your phone. Android 13 has a great capacity to work even in the months or even years to come. And, there isn’t a lot one can complain about when you are getting the best of benefits from Android 13.

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