How to do Social Media Marketing in Nepal in 2023?

Social media is one of the most used and popular platforms and we are going to talk about how you can do social media marketing in Nepal in the year 2023 in this article. It really is not easy to market your products or your services through social media, however, when you learn the right ways to do so, you will automatically find it easier as well.

It really is not all that hard to earn money through social media. In fact, it does not even have to be direct. You just have to make sure that you are using the right tactics, and before you even realize it, you will be good to go. We have come up with some tips and tricks on how you can do social media marketing in Nepal in 2023.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to marketing your goods and services or anything that you are willing to market with the help of social media. People have been popularly using differnet social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, etc. to increase their customer’s social media engagement. In the same way, differnet tactics have been used over the years. Needless to say branding, raising brand awarerness, and growing has been made easier and possible with the help of social media. It takes people to use the right amount of efforts to successfully do so. And, there are many success stories of brands and marketers that has come with social media marketing, especially in today’s day and time.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is possibly one of the most effective ways you can do social media marketing in Nepal. You can barely find just anyone in Nepal who does not use social media. In fact, every generation and age group has been using social media actively in the present time and it is not easy for people to ignore anything. Videos have always had a great impact on people. In fact, everything that happens in a video comes as a trend. The next thing you know, everyone is following the trend. Hence, video marketing is something many people can rely on.

You can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, and even Linkedin to get people’s attention. You may advertise your goods and services through creative and indirect tactics, or you can directly market in a way that plays with people’s minds and encourages them to at least try your product or service out once.

Influencer Marketing

An influencer refers to someone who influences people with what they do. The current time is all about influencers who tend to be very active on social media. In fact, their social media presence is what makes them popular among people of all age groups. You may choose Instagram influencers, celebrities, etc. as per your preference and ask them to promote your products on different social media platforms in a way that they can convince people about what you are providing, and how or why they should try it.

Social Media Marketing

Influencer marketing is possible through efforts to provide them with your products or a sum of money.


There has been immense growth in the use of chatbots in the present time. You will need to focus on giving your business or whatever it is that you want to promote a boost. And, what better way than using chatbots? The best part about using a chatbot to promote your goods and products is that you won’t have to keep updating and doing things that is going to take a lot of your time and money.

Social Media Marketing

In the same way, when a customer or potential client opens your website, they will be given personalized chatbots through which they can easily make conversations with the customers. You will also get a chance to keep a track of all the interactions that the customers have with the chatbots.

Social Media Stories and Ephemeral Content

You can easily use social media stories to promote your business or anything that you are willing to market with the help of social media. People spent up to 28-30 minutes checking the stories of the people that they followed. You can get many records of people engaging in such ephemeral content in a way that was not expected to happen when such a feature was first launched in social media.

The people’s engagement and time spending in such areas have increased with the passage of time. Likewise, people are always checking their social media from time to time. There is no better way for you to increase your brand awareness and interest among the customers than using social media. Moreover, you can use such platforms to engage and fascinate potential customers through creativity.


Social media may not seem like the strongest tool for many people and this is where they are underestimating the strength of social media platforms. From engaging to building people’s trust and making them familiar with the brand, social media is much better and more effective as compared to the older methods of marketing.

If you are a growing business owner in Nepal, your business may be lacking this strong aspect and it is about time that you start using social media for your own growth!

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