How to make a CV (Curriculum Vitae) for a job in Nepal? Here are some Platforms

It is very important to make a Curriculum Vitae if you want to get a job. In fact, without a CV you cannot proceed in the process of getting a job in any place in the world including Nepal.

One does not require to master the art of making a CV as it is no rocket science. Honestly, you just need to include your personal information which is enough to give the company you’re applying to enough closure about you.

What is a CV(Curriculum Vitae)?

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae (otherwise known as resume in many places of the world). In a CV, you should include a summary of yourself. Your name, your qualification, work experience, skills, personal interests, research, recommendation letters, languages you can speak, etc. should be mentioned clearly.

Why is a CV necessary?

A CV is a shortcut for an employer to go through detailed information about a potential employee. In fact, you don’t have to make a CV for every job you apply for. Making a CV is likely to help you build a summary of yourself which you can send to the jobs you might want to be a part of.

How to write a CV for a job in Nepal?

Mention the details below if you want to write a CV for a job in Nepal:

  1. Name.
  2. Address
  3. Contact Details
  4. Age and Marital Status
  5. Work Experience
  6. Academic Qualification
  7. Skills, Proof, and Testimonies
  8. References

When you are done with this, you get to choose what type of templates you want given that you are using a CV-making tool online or an app. You also have to choose a standard or a desirable format, to begin with. After this, you may proceed to change your CV to PDF, Word, or TXT format.

However, a PDF format is the most preferable when you are sending your CV to a firm for a professional reason (i.e. job).

Cover Letter

A cover letter is a letter that you send along with your CV, through emails or by physically visiting the office for a potential job offer. In a cover letter, you need to include all the reasons why you want to be a part of the particular firm, your skills, ambitions, and experience that might make you stand out from the rest of the candidates, etc.

Make sure that you are honest in both your CV and cover letter because what you include in them will be considered as a factor to whether the employers should choose you as an employee or not. Also, remember all the details that you have included in your CV and cover letter by heart. This will determine how committed you are to getting the job and being honest.

Besides this, your CV and cover letter will impact your references in the future in case the employer decides to hire you.

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Here are some platforms you will be needing to build a CV

We have listed a bunch of platforms through which you can build a nice CV for a potential job. Note that all the platforms we have mentioned may require you to have an international transaction card in case you need to make a payment to use them.

1. Zety

Zety is an amazing platform if you want to customize a perfect CV. The website has a lot of cool features like a flexible text editor, Resume templates to choose from, a flexible user interface, options for printing and downloads, free resume designing, and Word, TXT, and PDF formats to download your CV.

The best part about this app/website is that you can start using this app for free. Likewise, if you want to extend your use or get a better experience from Zety, you should try its premium packages. The packages start from 14 days of access at $2.70 to Monthly access for $5.95 and Yearly access for $71.40.

2. VisualCV

You can make an accessible and good-looking CV with the help of VisualCV. You can get up to 3 templates for free with the help of Visual CV. In fact, this app will help you in giving the best CV-making experience when you upgrade to Pro.

Likewise, you also get the option to get a better-looking curriculum vitae with a nice aesthetic by changing colors and templates. Visual CV also provides you with a trustworthy data protection option, unlimited downloads, get feedback on your resume, and an easy-to-share option.

By advancing to Pro, you can access an extensive amount of features at just $18 a month.

3. Enhancv

Enhancv is also a free platform that helps users build an impressive CV in no time. The website/app is beginner friendly. And, you can simply get access to different templates, colors, fonts, options to add sections, etc.

You can get an advanced option to get better benefits from the website after making payments on a monthly($19.99 per month), quarterly($14.99 per month), and yearly($10.99 per month) basis.

4. Resume

If you are looking to build a CV free of cost, then Resume is perfect for you. This platform provides you with a way of enhancing your portfolio with many amazing features. Also, it is easy to use, provides an option for unlimited downloads, provides resume samples, has a styling window and printing and mailing are also available.

5. ResumeGenius

ResumeGenius provides its users with an option to create the best-looking resume in less than 15 minutes. You really don’t have to think through about a lot of things while using this platform if you are an aesthete. ResumeGenius provides you with more than 50 templates to choose from.

Moreover, you have the freedom to get unlimited downloads, edit your resume, and get a job search and tracking tool along with a cheap trial period charge.

The pricing starts from $1.95 for a 14 days trial and stretches to $7.85 for a monthly package.


Though making a good CV may seem like a hectic task, it is not. Once you build a good one, it only becomes easier to forward it to all the potential job offers on your way. And, the effortlessness of a one-time creation of a good CV is something many people undermine. So, instead of making multiple CVs for every new job opportunity on your way, it would be smart to build one that will last you long term in your journey of finding a job.

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