How to use IME Pay in the Nepali Language?

IME Pay is probably one of the most common payment apps that is available to Nepali people and now it is available in the Nepali language too! We are going to be talking about everything that you need to know about IME Pay and how you can use the new Nepali update in the app.

The Nepali customer base does not have it easy when they have to use apps in any other language besides Nepali. Hence, IME Pay has made sure that they increase the user interface with IME Pay. And, what better way to start enhancement than increasing the engagement and convenience of the audience?

What is IME Pay?

IME Pay is one of the first digital mobile banking apps. Most people also recognize the app as Nepal’s first digital wallet. Whatsoever, there are a lot of things that people are missing out on if they are not already using IME Pay.

IME Pay was first started with the vision of providing the Nepali customer base with the best user experience in the app in the banking sector. The app was aimed at customers who do not have direct or easy access to physical banks.

IME Pay Nepali language

The app soon turned into a digital wallet through which people were making a lot of transactions. The transactions were becoming easier with the help and awareness of this app. One of the most convenient features of IME Pay is that it helps people to get the latest updates with the help of notifications. In the same way, they get notified about a lot of features and events. And, transactions and digital payments are made easier with the help of QR Scan Pay. Therefore, people started to use it more and more with time. Now, this is one of the leading apps that you can find in just about any store in Nepal.

Latest Update from IME Pay

IME Pay has come with its latest update. You are likely to get the best user experience with the help of IME Pay if you find it easier to use apps with the Nepali language as an option. Unlike many other mobile banking apps or digital wallets, IME Pay has stretched its benefits for a better experience for customers. You can easily use IME Pay to get the best of experience as a Nepali customer.

The update has no restriction on the Nepali language and the lack of a language barrier is the reason why the app is being discussed by many youths in Nepal at the moment. Besides this, the Nepali language update has not just made it easier for the youths but also for the older generation who had been limiting themselves from using apps such as this one because they find it difficult to understand the English language.

IME Pay seems to love incConcllining towards innovative updates!

How Can You Use the Latest IME Pay Nepali Language Update?

There are many people who are still in confusion as to how they can access the new Nepali Language Update of the app on their mobile phones. Though the update may have been easy for some users of the app, we are here to clear the doubts and difficulties for the ones who were not able to access the update.

Follow the steps below if you want to get the latest Nepali language update from IME Pay:

  1. Go to AppStore or Play Store on your phone.
  2. Search for IME Pay, even if your app is already installed.
  3. You will find the Update button on the phone. Click on it.
  4. Open your IME Pay app. Go to your profile.
  5. Select on EN option that you will find on the right side of your profile. Select the language that you want.

For anyone that has not yet updated their IME Pay app, you should be wise enough to remember that you won’t be able to access the feature if you have not updated the app. In the same way, new users will get the feature update immediately once they open an account in the app.


IME Pay is an app that helps people to get the best of every world! We say this because Nepali digital wallet users do not get to access as many features in any other digital wallet app. IME Pay has made a very wise decision by bringing the language update feature. And, you will love how well this app works for the sake of every age group. While most other digital apps have been convenient mostly just for young customers and users, IME Pay has become a convenience for all with its language feature.

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