How to use Twitter’s auto-captions for voice tweets

Twitter has come up with some of the newest and unique innovations in the past few years. One such innovation is Twitter’s auto-captions for voice tweets. Twitter has surely proved itself to be a revolutionary platform when it comes to giving its users a better user interface. This feature has upgraded with time considering that there were no auto-generated captions when it was first launched. However, the feature has extended to fill the gap that seemed like a demand for most Twitter users.

In this article, we will be discussing the feature and how you can use it.

What are Twitter’s auto-captions for voice tweets?

When you record your voice on Twitter, it enables captions automatically. You can enable this auto-generated feature when you click on the CC button on Twitter. The voice captions are available in only a few languages.

These languages include English, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, French, Indonesian, Korean and Italian. The voice tweet will only be generated when you create a Tweet.

How to use Twitter’s auto-captions for voice tweets?

You need to follow the steps below if you want to use this amazing feature from Twitter.

  • Go to the voice tweet you want to generate captions for.
  • Tap on the Voice Tweet thumbnail to pause and resume playback.
  • After this, captions will generate automatically when you record voice messages.
  • Click on the CC button. You will be able to access the captions when you are online.
  • You will see a transcript of the voice tweet through the voice tweet thumbnail.

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Is Twitter’s auto-captions for voice tweets available for Android users?

At the initial time of its launch, Twitter’s auto-captions for voice tweets were available only for iOS users. To this date, Twitter has not yet given an option for voice tweets to Android users.

“Voice Tweets are something we’re still testing right now. When we expand the feature to more people, we’ll let everyone know.” says a spokesperson from Twitter.

Hopefully, the voice feature will soon be available on Android devices as well.

When were Twitter’s auto-captions for voice tweets launched?

Twitter launched its auto-captions for voice tweets in June 2020. When the feature was first launched, it lacked captions. Whatsoever, that is not the case anymore. You get access to auto-caption whenever you record your voice on Twitter.

How to turn off Twitter’s auto-captions for voice tweets?

While many users on Twitter are impressed by the feature, many people have complained about not being able to turn off or disable the feature on the app. Hence, you can also follow the steps below if you want to do so.

  • Go to your phone’s Settings.
  • Go to Accessibility.
  • Click on the hearing tab.
  • Press on the Caption or Subtitle button. This will automatically disable captions.

Why should you use Twitter’s auto-captions for voice tweets?

Many users on Twitter have wondered why they should use this feature from Twitter. Let us remind you that this feature will enable you to help the visually impaired understand what you are saying.

On top of this, you can create more context when it comes to tweeting.

Do the captions get generated on their own?

For many iOS users, this may be a big question. To this, the answer is yes. The feature is set by default. However, you can make the changes as per your choice and either keep it disabled or enabled.

Advantages of enabling this feature

While many people might not see the best of reasons as to why they should rely on this feature, we are here to clear this doubt as well.

When you enable this caption feature on Twitter, you will be getting a better experience on the app. Although Twitter is an app based majorly on texts, this feature can help you get a visual experience alongside the texts.

This will also help in better engagement among the users. The user can get a better insight into their behavior on the app as compared to when they are only relying on texts or written tweets on the app.

Besides this, Twitter will also get to understand what type of behavior the users are indulging in on the platform.


As claimed by Twitter, you will surely get to see a change in the availability of this feature on the app. While you can only find auto-captions for voice tweets on iOS, it is possible for the company to launch the feature for Android as well. Moreover, the claims and statements made by the company regarding this matter are just as optimistic.

Overall, the feature proves to be a plus point for anyone who wants to experience a better interface on the app. Also, it is engaging for all types of users. And for anyone who does not want to auto-generate captions on their voice tweets, they can automatically turn it off as per their preference. This makes everything all the more good and preferable.

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