How to Verify your Twitter Account in 2022?

Twitter verification has been one of the most sought things among Twitter users. Many people have been curious about how they can possibly get the blue check mark on their profiles. And, we have come here to talk about exactly that.

We will also be answering questions on whether normal people can get their profiles verified or not. Hopefully, you will be able to grasp as much as you can from this article.

Steps to apply for Twitter Verification

You need to realize that being a verified account needs you to be an authentic, active and notable user. You cannot otherwise expect to get verified.

Furthermore, your account has to be subscribed to Twitter Blue on iOS on or after the 9th of November 2022 to be an applicant. Whatsoever, it is necessary that you know Twitter will not be accepting any new verification requests under the former criteria.

In case you want to get your Twitter account verified, follow the steps below:

) Go to the three dots in your menu.

2) Click on Settings and Support

3) Select Settings and Privacy

4) Click on your account

5) On Account Information, type your password. You will find Request Verification under the Verified option. Proceed to request.

Who can apply for Twitter verification?

You can have a verified Twitter account if you fit into certain categories that we have mentioned below:

  • News organizations, individuals in news, and journalists
  • Government
  • Entertainment
  • Sports & Gaming
  • Activists & Organizers
  • Content creators and Influential individuals

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Who will be ineligible for a verified account on Twitter?

Though you may think that everyone who is active, authentic, and notable is eligible for a blue tick on Twitter, you are wrong. There is a strict policy on Twitter against verifying parody accounts, unofficial fan accounts, and commentary accounts. 

In case you want to create a verified account on Twitter for a pet animal, a fictional character, or a non-living character, you should make sure that there is a proper affiliation with a company, brand, or organization that has also been well verified.

Can the blue tick be removed from a verified Twitter account?

Yes, this is possible. And, this can happen when you go against the terms and policies of Twitter. Twitter has some very strict policies on going against its terms and policies. This is also a reason why many celebrities have lost their blue tick privilege along with their access to social media platforms.

You must keep in mind that you follow all the policies and terms on Twitter when you are willing to keep your blue checkmark regardless of your status or recognition.

Verification based on Account Type

Twitter users can get identified with 3 colors from now on. Likewise, the three colors stand for something very interesting. And, Elon Musk has made the right decision in bringing forth this policy.

Out of the three colors the gold check is for companies, the grey check is for the government and the blue check is for individuals (celebrities and content creators).

Musk shared in his tweet on 25th November 2022, “Sorry for the delay, we’re tentatively launching Verified on Friday next week. Gold check for companies, grey check for government, blue for individuals (celebrity or not), and all verified accounts will be manually authenticated before the check activates. Painful, but necessary.”

Similarly, Twitter had initially planned to charge their users $20 on a monthly basis for Twitter verification, Musk has lowered the fees to $8 every month. This is another impressive factor that came with a change in Musk’s policy for Twitter.

Elon quotes, “All verified individual humans will have the same blue check, as the boundary of what constitutes “notable” is otherwise too subjective. Individuals can have a secondary tiny logo showing they belong to an org if verified as such by that org.”

How long does it take to get approval for verification on Twitter?

This has been one of the most asked questions among Twitter users. To this, the answer is that you will have to wait from a few days to a week in order to get the verification checkmark in your profile.

Moreover, you won’t get verified as soon as you send the request for verification.


The Twitter verification mark works well in your favor if you want a sense of recognition from the platform. Moreover, when you get a verification checkmark in your profile, you will also be getting a way to gain more followers on the platform. Though it might seem crucial for you to get verified while wishing for fame and a better image among Twitter users, you must also keep in mind all the important things we have mentioned in this article.

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