Best Nepali Apps in 2023

If you are a Nepali, we have come up with a list of apps that you must have in 2023 in this article. People use apps all the time. It is important that they know how to make the best use of these apps in the right way possible. While many apps in this list are already very popular, we have come up with all the ways you can use them.

These Nepali apps require no additional money. And, you will also realize all the reasons why you should not ignore these apps. The list consists of some of the most important apps that you can find the best benefits from for almost every type of usage.


If you are an avid shopper, then you must have heard about Daraz. This is one of the best apps that you can find in Nepal. Also, you won’t have to wait for products to get in stock. You can find almost anything in Daraz. For those who don’t know about this app, the Daraz app allows users to find the products that they want, compare prices with similar products and make sure that they are getting the best possible bargains.

Plus, you can find a lot of offers in Daraz that will help you in getting the value of your products at a very reasonable price. This app has made it convenient for people to buy from different trustworthy dealers. Plus, if you want to sell or buy from this app, you can be assured of what you will be getting in return. Furthermore, you can download the app from Playstore, and Appstore.


Today’s day and time have been very hectic for everyone. No one has the time to cook for themselves when they have to work or go to college, school, and whatnot. Hence, it becomes a problem for them to find the right type of food. You cannot always survive on junk and factory-made snacks either. So, you can simply order from Foodmandu when you are in rush and want something healthy. Likewise, if you want to celebrate some occasions, this app is always there for you.

You really don’t have to suffer a lot when you are ordering from this app. Besides this, the app makes it easier for people to find the best restaurants to choose from. Even better, there is a bunch of restaurants that are famous and ready to provide food for you almost any time of the day. Healthy or fun, you name it!

Hamro Patro

Hamro Patro was downloaded by over 10 million Nepali population. Hence, this has been rated as the most used app in the country. The app was released in the year 2010, and it has been used very frequently by a big mass of people in Nepal even today.

You can find not just a calendar, but also the latest news in Nepal, foreign exchange rates, horoscope, Nepali FM radio stations plus podcasts in this app. There is no reason why you should not download this app.


Life has become so much easier with the help of Pathao. Pathao has made it easier for people to find rides in the oddest hours of the day and even at night. The riders get notified from this app. And, they come to pick the passenger up immediately. This app has been one of the most convenient ways for people to find rides no matter where they are in Nepal.

If you are an avid traveler, and have to move around quite often but don’t have a ride, don’t worry. Pathao app has your back. For anyone who wants to get benefit from this app, you must download this app today.


Digital wallets are the new convenience for people in Nepal. You don’t have to carry a wallet all the time when you have eSewa/Khalti/Fonepay in your phone. Many people have been getting convenience from these apps. So much so, people don’t even take their traditional wallets with them anymore.

In Nepal, you can find a lot of stores and marketplaces where you will see a scanner for either of these apps. This is because, it is so much easier to make payments, and transactions and take money from people when they have a scanner. Scan and pay, save your time, and get exciting deals!

Hamro Nepali Dictionary

In this age of growing Engish speakers, even schools are focusing on teaching their students English language than Nepali. This is also a reason why many people of this generation know the former language better than their native language. The Hamro Nepali dictionary can be taken as an initiative to help this generation learn their own language in the best way possible. It really is not all that hard for people to learn a language when they can easily access the dictionary with a click of a button.

Moreover, you can get access to the services from this app no matter where you are or even when you don’t have an access to the internet.

Nepali Paisa

Nepali Paisa is one such app that allows its users to get the best possible benefits. You don’t have to worry about paying any sum to use his app. Moreover, you can easily get stock news, IPO calculator, stock screener, NEPSE data, updates on stocks, etc. in this app. Not just this, but users can also buy and sell stocks and get the latest insights related to NEPSE in this app. There is no time to waste than downloading this app if you are an investor in Nepal.


Although many people are already aware of these apps, they don’t really know the significance of their hype. Hence, we hope that the aforementioned briefings have helped our audience in getting the best insights on these apps. You should not miss out on any updates that this app provides. Moreover, there is nothing to lose when you are getting the best benefits from a simple app. Hence, make sure that you have downloaded all of the apps above.

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