Picsart is one of The Best Apps, Here is Why!

The year 2022 has been all about Artificial Intelligence and exploring more about how the whole thing works. Besides AI, it has been several years since Picsart has been taking the cake as possibly one of the best free apps that edit pictures and have some exceptionally good features. Picsart also has a feature for AI now and it is better than ever.

We have listed a bunch of impressive features on Picsart that you will not want to miss out on. Plus, these are the features that must be explored if you are an avid editor, graphic designer, or even a person just interested in photography and AI.

Add the Coolest Effects to your Pictures

When you are using Picsart, you have to know that you will get the best editing options in this app. Almost all the effects that you can find on the app are free of cost. Besides this, if you are not satisfied with the effect that you have put in your picture, you can go ahead and add some filters to your pictures as well.

You will see a two-square icon on top of the filter option. This is where you can check your pictures from before, add filters and explore the changes in your images. The process really isn’t all that confusing when you are trying to learn them. Besides this, you can easily access the Picsart app from both Appstore as well as Playstore on your phone.

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Decide the Intensity of Effects on Your Pictures

You are the one to decide whether you want an effect to be too loud or mild on your picture on Instagram. While many apps do not allow you to do so, Picsart is one that guides you through all the processes you might need to enhance the quality of your picture. The app works just as per the taste of the users.

While many people may like a very sharpened and edited picture, many others might want to keep their effects low. This is exactly why Picsart has taken the cake even for helping beginners edit and share their pictures.

Only a Portion Can Be Edited

Yes! You heard it right. While many apps do not allow you to edit only a portion of your image, Picsart allows its users to Colorsplash their images. If you want to edit only a small or even a big portion of your image while leaving out the rest of it, this is just the app that you want to rely on.

Given the fact that this app is available on mobile phones, you can also make use of zoom-in and zoom-out buttons. And, fingers make it so much easier to use the portion editing option perfectly.

Blur or Remove Your Background

If you are someone who wants to keep your background blurred while focusing on the foreground of an image, then Picsart is the best app that will help you in doing so. With the help of this app, you can keep the foreground as it is. And, the app also allows you to decide how much blurriness you want in the picture. Likewise, you can also remove your image’s background completely.

Honestly, Picsart really gives you the best of both worlds. Compared to many other editing apps, Picsart really stands out.

Add Borders to Your Photos

You can easily add borders on any of your pictures with the help of Picsart. It really isn’t all that difficult to do so. Plus, you also have the option for all the different colors that you can choose from. Picsart will give your more than a single shape and size of a frame to choose from. It provides you with several border size options and ratios that you want in your photos. You can use the option given accordingly.

AI Tools

You can now get a lot of AI features in Picsart. These are the features you may never have imagined to come to life, but it does. All thanks to amazing apps including Picsart. You should not miss out on the latest and most amazing AI options that come along with the app.

Make Your Own Stickers

One of the best things about Picsart is that the app allows you to make stickers on your own. You have to make sure that you are using the shape cut-out option on the app. This allows you to shape the sticker. Also, the image that you want to be shaped into a sticker can either be clicked from your own camera or retrieved from many other sources.

Besides this, if you don’t want to create your own sticker, you can use the ones that other Picsart users make or the ones that Picsart itself provides. You can add just about any stickers that you want in Picsart. The options for this are endless. Go to the stickers option and enter whatever you want and get the results accordingly. Lastly, ass them to your image.

Draw on Your Images

You also have the option to draw in your images. When you are drawing in your image, you have the freedom to choose from different colors as well. Plus, you will also get different shapes that you can insert into your images without any issues. So, all in all, Picsart is the perfect app if you are an artistic person looking to explore editing and art skills.

Collage Maker

If you have never heard of a multifaceted app, let us remind you that Picsart really makes sure to cover all the needs of an editor. You might not want to use a lot many pictures in quantity but want to keep all the pictures in a single image. This is possible with the help of collage. You can make cutouts from Picsart. Likewise, you also get frames and frame sizes and designs that you can apply to your images. When you are editing the cutouts, you are also getting the best results as you can insert as many stickers, texts, additional images, etc. as you want.


Though many professional editors may choose to go with Photoshop for editing professional images, Picsart shows its performance is up to the mark as well. If you are someone who is looking for a free editing app that allows you to go crazy on your creativity and have all the fun editing, then you should definitely try Picsart. All the features in this app will certainly work for you in every way possible given that the variety and range of these features are pretty wide.

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