Top 5 Android Apps to Use Your Phone in Unexpected Ways

The Play Store has millions of apps, some of which give you the ability to utilize your phone in unexpected ways.

There are so many apps available on Android that it is simple to overlook some hidden gems. Typical smartphone uses include making calls, sending messages, perusing social media, taking pictures, and other similar tasks. With the aid of some fairly odd apps, there are more strange ways to use your Android handset, though.

Let’s take a look at some of these applications that might help you utilize your Android phone in novel ways.


Photomath is a calculator that assists you in solving mathematical issues. Simply scan a math issue, such as algebra, linear equations, elementary math, or others. The solution is displayed together with the procedures for solving it, which is very significant for pupils.

The program also allows you to view the history of solved questions, which can be useful when studying for an exam. Photomath is free, although there are some premium features available for purchase, such as animated tutorials and textbook solutions.

Download App : Photomath (Its free in google play store).

Hermit — Lite Apps Browser

Hermit can assist you if you are running low on storage, are annoyed by advertising, or want to increase the life of your battery. Hermit is a browser that allows you to make lightweight versions of your favorite programs.

Websites are used to create these small apps. They use far less memory and storage than regular programs and do not run in the background, resulting in improved battery efficiency.

Each lite app has its own window, and you can adjust its options, including settings, permissions, themes, and icons.

Hermit offers all of its features for free. However, its paid subscription includes some premium features. Multiple profiles, backup and sync, sandbox, and other capabilities are available.

Download App : Hermit (Its free in google play store).

SplitCloud – Play Two Songs at Once 

SplitCloud is a one-of-a-kind program that lets you share your headphones with a friend. It is a streaming software that allows you to listen to two tracks at the same time.

You may listen to one music on one side of the headphones while your companion listens to a song of their choosing on the other. It also allows you to swap sides from within the app without physically switching the headphones.

SplitCloud allows you to search for your favorite songs online or play music from your local collection. It also offers popular and trending charts where you may listen to the most recent hits. SplitCloud also allows you to listen to radio from any country and filter radio stations by area.

Download App : SplitCloud (Its free in google play store).

Bedtime stories

Many of us have difficulty falling asleep because we have so many distractions in our hectic lives. This disruption can interfere with sleep patterns, affecting both mental and physical health.

Every night, your Android phone may help you go asleep by playing bedtime stories for grownups. This program allows you to listen to soothing audio tales on your smartphone anytime you want to sleep.

Download App: Bedtime stories for adults (Its free in google play store).


Need to use the restroom while watching a movie? RunPee can assist you. It keeps track of which movies are presently showing in theaters and determines the optimal time for you to use the toilet. It tells you when and for how long you should depart. The app notifies you and provides brief details about the scene you missed.

It also includes additional sequences in the end credits, spoiler-free movie reviews, IMDb information, and much more about those films.

Download App : Runpee (Its free in google play store).

Use your Phone in Different way

The apps we’ve mentioned will allow you to utilize your Android phone in novel ways. With these applications, you’ll be able to address a variety of difficulties and maybe improve your productivity or lifestyle.

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