Top 5 Video Editing Apps in Nepal (2023)

In this day and time, people love taking videos along with pictures. Hence, we have come up with a list of some amazing video editing apps that you can use in Nepal for free. While many of these apps are for Android phones, some also work for iOS.

Considering the fact that there aren’t many editing apps for android phones as there are for iPhones, we have written this article especially by focusing on our Android-using audience. Hopefully, you will love this article and find some good alternatives for your TikTok, vlogs, and other posts.


Among all the other apps, the VideoShow app works very well if you are an avid video poster. This app has some of the best features which cannot be found in most other apps on our list. You can add voice-over, music, and sound through this app in your videos and you also get an option to beautify your videos.

Many apps do not allow their users to beautify the videos. But this is not the case with VideoShow. It has some features that stand out from the rest like the ones we have listed below:

  1. Adjust the audio, blur the background, and other professional features
  2. mp3 conversion of videos
  3. Add ready-made instrumental music
  4. Create voiceovers for videos


FilmoraGo is possibly one of the best video editing apps. You will surely be impressed by how amazing the features of this app really are. The app gives you no points to miss. Plus, there are a lot of factors that contribute to the satisfaction of people in a very positive way. This is also a reason why FilmoraGo is one of the most used editing apps in Nepal. And, it has been the case for many years now.

Likewise, you can find the following features in this app:

  1. Real-time clip previews
  2. A selection of templates and effects are available.
  3. Utilize the free editing software offered.
  4. Additional features, such as text addition and slow motion
  5. include media import from social media


This video editor is something that won’t leave you disappointed in any way. You can edit your videos like you normally would on a PC. Plus, the working performance and the overall effectiveness of this app to better the quality of your video are more than praiseworthy. There aren’t a lot of points that you can complain about when it comes to PowerDirector.

In the same way, the following are the features that make this editing app stand out from the rest:

  1. Export videos up to 4K
  2. 30 or more effects and transitions
  3. videos in slow motion.
  4. Additionally, you can change colors and add transparency.


KineMaster is probably one of the best video editing apps that you will be looking forward to using if you are a Nepali. This app is free of cost and it has so many features that stand out from the other apps in our list. One of it being, it is very easy to use. Even a person without a lot of technical knowledge can easily use this app. Plus, it has amazing video editing options which will enhance the quality of your videos and make them look attractive and worth watching.

Some of the features of KineMaster are:

  1. Add many media tracks to a single video.
  2. You can watch edited video previews.
  3. Track and video volume can be controlled extremely precisely.
  4. If you pay the price, you can remove the watermark.


This app has over 200 million users all around the world. Needless to say, this is one of the best video editing apps on our list. And, you won’t be disappointed by the performance of this app. VivaVideo will surely make you happy with its amazing features. Plus, if you want to make your content fun and creative, don’t look for any other app. There are no negative points in this app.

The features below stand out the most in VivaVideo:

  1. You may create videos in slow motion.
  2. Add animations, stickers, and gifs.
  3. Premade themes and templates to improve videos
  4. Users may combine videos and create collages.


There are a lot of aspects that make these apps stand out. You will appreciate how good of a performance these apps are likely to show when you use them to their best. Also, make sure that you are up to date with the possible updates from these apps if you don’t want to miss out on the latest features. The best part about all of the above-mentioned apps is that you can use all of them free of cost. The exception is, you can still purchase advanced features with some amount of money. You can download these apps from Playstore.

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