Free UX Design Tools in Nepal that will Rock Your 2023

UX or UI tools are extremely important when it comes to creating good data and results rather than for aesthetic purposes. You will definitely want to go through our list of some amazing free UX design tools available in Nepal that we have included in this article.

UX or UI is all about user interface and what kind of experience a user is likely to have on a website or a digital platform. You will definitely be needing UX Design Tools in order to collect the user interface data and these tools will be more than beneficial for you. While there are many UX design tools available on the web, these are the tools a designer will be seeking in the year 2023.

Adobe XD

Designers are likely to get the best of use from Adobe XD. This UX design tool is a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. This is also a reason why Adobe XD is useful for designers. Designers can make the best of app design, brand design, web design, and game design prototypes. In case you don’t want to pay separately for Adobe Creative Cloud, you can use Adobe XD free of cost.

ux design tools
Adobe XD UX design tools

Some of the tool’s key features are:

  • Adobe XD includes amazing features like reusable components, repeat grids, auto-animation, vector drawing tools, 3D transforms, and content-aware layout.
  • Likewise, you can also embed playable videos, and create vivid, and true-to-life prototypes with motion.
  • Voice-enabled features in this design tool are one of the best factors you can possibly find in Adobe XD.

InVision Freehand

You can bring the stakeholders and users of the digital platform or the website into direct action with the help of InVision Freehand. Freehand allows designers to make inclusive, collaborative, and creative projects.

ux design tools
InVision Freehand UX design tools

Some of Freehand’s key features are:

  • If you use Freehand, you can also add Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch artboards to it.
  • You can also include strategy and planning, effective meetings, research and design, wireframes and flowcharts, and design process in the design process.


In Framer, you can design UI for macOS, Android, iOS, and more. Designers can create phenomenal designs all on the canvas. Moreover, when you are using this designing tool, you can also include many UI kits like a Material Design Kit, an iOS kit, and a Landing Page kit.

ux design tools
Framer UX design tools

The key features of this tool include:

  • Some of the major templates include website design templates, interactive design templates, project management design templates, and app design templates.
  • Likewise, you can also collaborate with other designers, developers, and copywriters in real time for the whole process.
  • You can invite just about anyone if you want to work on the project together.
  • Besides this, everyone on the team can also leave feedback, comments, and suggestions on the canvas.

Origami Studio

With the help of Origami Studio, designers can build and share interactive interfaces rapidly, that too free of cost. In Origami Studio, you can use options for drag and drop, resize, etc. in your layout for the prototype.

ux design tools
Origami Studio UX design tools

The main features to look out for in this design tool are:

  • The pre-made components in this design tool allow you to fasten your workflow and productivity. This is possibly one of the best features of Origami Studio.
  • Moreover, you can create interfaces in an easy manner despite them being complex.
  • You also have the freedom to add interactions, behavior, and animation to your prototype with ease.


Marvel is one of the best design tools on our list. This design tool holds the same name as a famous comic company. Moreover, you can get features of prototyping, hands-off, and design in this design tool. Marvel specializes in creating an interface for companies that is big in size as well.

ux design tools
Marvel UX design tools

The leading features of Marvel are:

  • Unlike most other design tools, this one can handle interfaces in larger numbers. And, this is possibly one of the best features of this UX design tool.
  • You can get up to a single project for free in Marvel. However, payment is necessary if you want to be able to work on multiple projects. And, you will have to pay $12 USD in order to get the best of features in an unlimited number of projects from this design tool.
  • No matter where you are working, you will be getting the option to save your designs.


Miro is one of the best UX design tools that we have on our list. This tool is free of cost and can be used conveniently by designers. If you are an unlimited team member, you won’t need to provide any form of payment.

ux design tools
Miro UX design tools

The key features of this design tool are:

  • You can also advance to premium packages with some amount of payment starting from $8 if you want unlimited features from the designer tool.
  • But if you are only getting started in your journey as a UX designer, you should probably start with the free version.
  • You will be working in a Canvas with sticky notes, drag and drop options, along with images or videos in the canvas through Miro.


If you are looking for versatile UX design tools that are perfect for prototyping, then you should definitely go for Mockplus. Mockplus is one the best tools that we have on our list.

vux design tools
Mockplus UX design tools

The key features of Mockplus include the following:

  • Through this design tool, you can easily share designs from PCs and even mobile phones.
  • The convenience of this tool is unlimited even for beginners.
  • Mind you, this tool also allows you to enjoy a free 15 days trial package.
  • It is perfect for high-fidelity designs if you are looking for a design tool as such.


UI/UX tools that we have mentioned in this article are all free of cost given that you are required to pay after a certain period or for certain features. However, all of these UX design tools are available for use in Nepal. And, many designers in the country have been relying on these amazing UI design tools for designing projects and prototyping.

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