Young Nepali Adults Must Play More Video Games!

The title may seem odd to many but we are here to talk about everything you need to know about video games and why young Nepali adults must play more of them. You will be surprised to know that video games are meant to increase the executive functioning of a young person.

A new study conducted by the  International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health showed that young adults who play video games function better in an executive environment. This article includes everything you need to know if you want to have better executive functioning. It is only a myth that video games tend to make a person’s mind dull. Instead, it is only enhancing the inner capabilities of a person inertly.

Video Games Lessen Mental Stress

It has been scientifically proven that playing video games can shorten a person’s stress levels. Hence, this makes them feel much lesser stressed while focusing on the game. This will eventually turn into something fruitful when the person is trying to do something else which includes working and studying. Whatsoever, it is just as important to keep the screen time related to video games as short as possible.

Overdoing things may make you an addict and a dopamine freak. But, when you play video games in moderation, it will help you balance your stress levels and make your life so much easier in every aspect possible.

Video Games Enhances Moral Development

Many people might find it impossible for a video game to develop their morals. But, this is entirely true and can happen for sure. How? Video games show a person the effect of a cause. This makes them go for good reasoning. Those who play video games have been scientifically proven to be able to make smarter and better reasoning as compared to those who don’t play any.

Besides this, gamers also learn how to live by following rules and their obligations towards rules are likely to impact their work life positively.

Development of Goal Oriented Persistence

Anyone who wants to better their work life or just life, in general, is likely to also have a goal-oriented view of life. Though a lot of people in today’s world have to make an extra effort in becoming goal-oriented, gamers have it a tad bit easier than others. If you have been playing video games for a long time, you know that you are always focusing on achieving a target.

Hence, you can root for what you are hoping to achieve in any and every aspect of your life. Needless to say, video games develop goal-oriented persistence in a person.

Enhancement of Self Regulation

Though not overtly, gamers cognitively feel that they have to act in a certain way to reach the goal. It is not just about achieving the goal. If you play video games avidly, you also know that you have to follow certain methods, avoid certain such things, and focus on achieving the end reward in the right possible way.

One may not realize this, but he will be applying all such disciplinary acts in his real life as well. Out of the habit of course! And this is what proves that video games also help people in enhancing their self-regulatory functioning.

Gamers tend to Solve Problems More Creatively

A person who does not play any video games is likely to force creativity if it does not come to him naturally. We are not generalizing here, anyone who is creative may not have to force themselves to become one. However, if you are a gamer, you naturally become a creative thinker.

While playing a video game, you tend to think of all the possible ways you can work in order to do something. And, this becomes a plus point when it comes to conducting in a real-life scenario. Needless to say, you think creatively while trying to solve problems and come up with the best possible solutions. Sometimes, most other people will not even have thought of solving problems in the ways that you do.

Better Attention Span and Memory

Anyone who plays video games is likely to have a better attention span and memory altogether. This is evident given the fact that you have to focus on a particular goal, or a method while playing a video game. Playing games for at least 2-3 hours a day is likely to sharpen both your attention span and memory.

Henceforth, you don’t only become habituated to focusing on a particular subject in either your work life or your studies, but as a result of your good attention span, you are likely to remember things better as well!


Even though people often associate video games with something to increase your dopamine hormones and a way to make you lazy, this is not true. But this really does not mean that you overdo it! Playing every day or even twice or thrice every week may be pretty fruitful in your executive life, if and only if, you do it moderately. Make sure that you are able to implement everything that you learn as a gamer in your real-life situations as well. This way, you are likely to succeed in both your game and your life!

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